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Stone floors and countertops can create a beautiful setting in your home and business, and elevate any room they are included in.

Natural stone and high-end tile comes in a variety of colors, styles and materials, so you can really customize your home to make it unique and really nod to the natural beauty of Montana. Stone surfaces can also last for a long time, so you’ll get the most out of your investment. However, natural stone and some vinyl tiles take a little more care than other types of flooring or countertop. But don’t worry — with a few quick tips, you’ll be able to make your stone and tile floors and countertops last for years to come.

Here are our top dos and don’ts for cleaning and maintaining natural stone surfaces:

Do — Clean up spills, dirt and grime as soon as you notice it

Abrasive materials such as sand and dirt, or even sticky liquids, can rub away at the sealant covering your stone floor or counter, and possibly permanently damage the stone.

Don’t — Use harsh cleaners

These include vinegar, lemon juice or other acids — for example, bathroom cleaners meant for bathtubs or toilets, or grout cleaners — as well as abrasive cleaners that can scratch or deteriorate your stone or the sealant.

Do — Use extra protection

Protect natural stone flooring near entryways or high traffic areas with rugs or slip mats. This will help catch dirt and grim before it gets to your floor. Also, use hot pads and placemats under hot items and cutlery that could scratch the surface.

Don’t — Mix chemicals to clean anything in your home

Mixing chemicals can cause them to react in ways you may not anticipate or expect. Never mix chemicals unless directions specifically instruct you to do so.

Do — Clean your floors regularly

We suggest sweeping or vacuuming regularly, and mopping using a wet mop and stone cleaner. You can also mix a mild vegetable soap with warm water. You can also use warm water to mop daily.

Don’t — Ignore issues

If you notice damaged stone or sealant, call a professional to schedule an appointment to fix the issue before it gets worse.

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cleaning stone

Natural stone and tile, such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine and slate, make for beautiful counter tops and floors, and they’ll last for many, many years. However, these surfaces require a little regular care to ensure they stay in top shape for many years to come. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to clean stone and tile, the best stone cleaners and even how to tell when it’s time to reseal your stone. Read on for our top tips and tricks.

Protect the finish

Avoid causing issues for yourself (and your natural stone) by protecting the finish. If the finish is protected, then the natural stone and tile will be protected. Clean stone surfaces regularly and try to avoid anything that will scratch the surface — have your spouse remove dirty shoes outside to keep dirt and sand out, and avoid shoes like sharp high heels or soccer cleats with pointed soles. 

Don’t be harsh

When you pick a cleaner, choose something mild and natural. Avoid harsh cleaners such as creams with abrasives or bleach. These break down the sealer and leave your stone unprotected. Specifically avoid products with lemon, vinegar or other acids. DO NOT mix cleaning products, and read all labels carefully. See our recommendations for products here.

Address the issues

Once you see an issue, it’s time to do something about it! Be it a deteriorating sealer or a build-up of dirt, once you notice these, deal with them immediately. Don’t allow the problem to worsen. For this reason, you should dust and mop often to avoid issues.

Testing, testing!

The best way to ensure a cleaner is right for your floor or counter (besides reading the instructions) is to test in a small, non-obtrusive area. This way, if something does happen, it’s a small area that won’t be too noticeable.

Take preventative steps

The best way to fix issues is to prevent them before they start. Protect your floors with area rugs or mats to avoid excess exposure. In addition, don’t forget to reseal whenever appropriate. How do you know when it’s time to reseal your natural store? There’s a simple test — flick a little bit of water onto the floor with your fingertips. If the sealer is still strong, the water will “bead” on the surface of the stone. However, if it splatters or soaks into the stone, it’s time to re-seal the stone surface.

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carpet samples

Searching for the right flooring for your home or business? Quality carpet has more than a few benefits.

Whether you’re looking for flooring for a residential building or a commercial building, here are a few reasons to consider high-quality carpet for your project. 

Express your style

Carpet today is so much more than the beige carpet of the past. It’s one more way to express yourself out our showroom for all the variety.

Long lasting

“Advances in carpet technology” may sound a little silly, but we can attest to it! Over the last two decades, improvements in the way carpets are made and the material they’re made out of create longer-lasting, higher quality carpets. This is not only better for your wallet, but also better for the environment!

Healthier environment

Many studies have shown that carpets trap allergens and dust better than hard surfaces, which is great for families with children or pets. Regular vacuuming removes these particles from the carpet, ensuring a healthier environment. This is perfect for buildings where air quality is important, such as hotels, schools or homes.

Decrease noise

Have an open plan for your office? Or maybe a few younger family members running about? Carpet helps reduce noise, due to cushy backing and soft fibers that absorb sound.

Don’t do it alone

We understand the appeal of wanting to save money — we pride ourselves on carrying price points suitable for almost anyone! However, the amount of money you save installing carpet as a homeowner isn’t worth the headache and potential damage. Novice mistakes might actually cost you in the long run, as carpet that is installed improperly might wear out faster. You might also have to invest in specialized tools that you’ll only use once. Instead, opt for professional carpet installation to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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